Monday, September 27, 2010

Why opera?

As a young person who loves opera, I'll be the first to admit that we are slightly rare birds. I've never quite understood why--opera is exciting, sexy, and full of decidedly not-G-rated subject matter--accompanied by powerful, sublime music. Current directors and designers are creating innovative, visually stunning productions, and opera is a great theatrical medium for experimenting (Wagner's gesamtkunstwerk definitely has room for acrobats and video projection, that's all I'm saying). I'm from the San Francisco area, and I used to meet other students while waiting in ridiculously long lines to buy student rush tickets. Now that I'm on the East Coast for school, BLO is where I get my opera fix, and I'm excited that there's a program for young people like the BLO Bunch. The great thing about BLO shows is being treated to way more than just the "standard" production--the design and directorial choices are always fresh and interesting, and I love having the Opera Annex production in a non-traditional theater space. The school year can get so busy, and being involved in the BLO bunch is a perfect way to stay in touch with other young opera lovers. I am looking forward to meeting fellow students who procrastinate by watching John Adams' Nixon in China on YouTube instead of writing papers. See you at the opera!

-- Audrey Chait, Brown University

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