Wednesday, February 9, 2011

After the production closes

On Wednesday night February 2, 2011 BLO bunch gathered once again to see Boston Lyric Opera’s presentation of The Emperor of Atlantis. It was a night for learning. I am very familiar with the great works of Mozart, Handel and Puccini with their rich melodies. The Emperor of Atlantis by Viktor Ullman, along with the world premiere of The After-Image, a prologue by Richard Beaudoin, was an education on contemporary music. Although I am not familiar with contemporary music I enjoyed the evening. I enjoyed the way in which The After- Image shared similar context as The Emperor of Atlantis but was not meant to be a new addition but complimentary to the opera. In addition, I believe the librettist of The Emperor of Atlantis was brilliant writing with such depth of context at such a young age in such a miserable time. I believe the opera was a great success for Boston Lyric Opera I look forward to seeing how they can further push boundaries in future annex performances.

Till Next Time,
Kara Fleishaker, Boston University

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