Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Dreamy Night at the Opera:

The BLO Bunch take on Britten's A Midsummer Nights Dream

On Wednesday night May 4th, 2011 The BLO Bunch gathered for their last night of opera for the 2010-2011 season, A Midsummer Nights Dream by Benjamin Britten. There was great anticipation in the air as everyone gather in the Shubert Theatre at the Citi Performing Art Center for a night of magic and summer air. The curtain rose to a tableau of characters and the theatre was transformed to another dimension.
I have to say that I was overwhelmed by this opera. It was not that of Italian tradition but the music was captivating. The cast was flawless with fantastic vocal technique as well as wonderful acting. Puck was vibrant and entertaining; he added youthfulness to the productions. In addition, the comic nature brought to their characters by all of the singers made the night truthfully enjoyable. The entire audience was asking for more when the curtain fell at the end of part two.

Afterwards The BLO Bunch rendezvous with the cast at Jacob Worth around the corner from the Shubert Theatre on Stuart St. The event was filled with yummy appetizers and lots of chatter. This gathering was a true success and I believe enjoyed equally by patrons and cast members alike. I had the great pleasure of speaking with Andrew Shore, who plays Nick Bottom, and his wife. Andrew shared many candid stories about his time performing and his journey, as a performer, to get where he is today. His stories where captivating and inspiring. In addition, my friend Rachel and I had a wonderful time speaking to his wife about the royal wedding and Britain.

Overall, this was a truly magical night at the opera! It was filled with captivating music, wonderful acting and even better company! At the end of May I will be graduating from Boston University and moving back to New York, but I hope that The BLO Bunch continues to meet next season! Maybe I’ll be able to make a trip back to Boston for another wonderful event with The BLO Bunch!

Until Next Season Opera Lovers!

-- Kara Fleishaker, Boston University

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