Thursday, July 28, 2011

Macbeth #Tweetfest comes to life!

On July 27, 2011, with the help of many talented tweeters, we live-tweeted Macbeth. If you missed it, you can read the entire piece below. Enjoy!

And many thanks again, to our tweeters! We delighted in your creativity.

Act 1, Scene 1 -- @NPAC Convention
#Macbeth. Act 1, Scene 1: Thunder, lightning. Enter three #witches.

The #witches discuss when they’ll meet again - Upon the heath. After the battle. Today. They’re going to meet #Macbeth.

The #witches, called by their mystic animals, say, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog & filthy air.” They exeunt.
Act 1, Scene 2 -- @KatieMac_

King Duncan learns of the military success against both the Irish and Norwegians, with lots of help from Macbeth. Duncan orders the traitor, the Thane of Cawdor, be put to death and wants Macbeth to take his title. 

Act 1, scene 3 -- @emstage

“What are these creatures?” - @Banquo #witches #getwithit

These #witches are calling me Thane of Cawdor and future King. (And @Banquo’s kids will be kings, too?) #yeahright #crazies

WHAT THE WHAT? Those #witches just disappeared! Melted as breath into the wind!! #insaneroot

Thane of Cawdor sentenced to death. Just found out his replacement from @RossAndAngus... #guesswho #witchepredictions

Two for three. Will I be King? #fate #witchpredictions

Act 1, scene 4 -- @KatieMac_

Duncan, forever singing the praises of Macbeth, names Macbeth the new thane of Cawdor and Malcom the Prince of Cumberland; and announces a visit to Macbeth’s castle. Macbeth is outwardly humble when receiving his praise, but is secretly planning how to become King himself, and goes to warn his wife of the King’s arrival.

Act 1, scene 5 -- @playsthetart

Lady M: My husband was born for greatness, but his ambition is weakened by a woman's fear and too much kindness. He could not kill a king.

Messenger: Macbeth - new Thane of Cawdor - returns triumphant from the war, and anticipates a present honored visit from King Duncan.

Lady M: Serendipity! My husband would not kill a king, but I will, and take what is mine. Spirits, give me a man's courage for the deed.

(Macbeth arrives) Lady M: Charm the king when he arrives. Never show him your false face. Tonight, we will take what is ours.

Macbeth: Wife, I would rather not understand your intention. But I will obey and play him false to make the witches true.

Act 1, scene 6 -- @OPERAAmerica

So Duncan & his guys arrive at Macbeth’s castle for dinner. (Have 2 resist the urge 2 yell “Don’t go in there!” like w/a horror movie.)

Duncan praises the castle. Banquo agrees that it smells good. (who knew that Fabreeze existed in Shakespeare’s time!)

Lady Macbeth comes out to welcome the guys to her castle. Duncan thanks her. (Yeah, you’re going to regret that later.)

“De nada” Lady Macbeth replies. Then Duncan asks her to take him in to see Macbeth b/c “we love him highly”. Awww!!

Yeah, that’s really all that happens here. Short scene. 

Act I, scene 7 -- @PhilippeTenor

Macbeth cannot steel his resolve to kill the king.  He finds valid reasons against the enterprise.

Lady Macbeth enters the scene in a fury, accuses his ambition to be made of lies.

If Macbeth cannot kill the King, surely the Lady is more man than he.

The perfect plot she fast devises. Macbeth obeys his wife, all is as it should be.

Act 2, scene 1 -- @palmbeachopera

'Round midnight is the time for cursed thoughts.  Insomnia much?

Did the king have a "dream" or a "premonition" about "three weird sisters"?

"Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand?"

Last vision before killing?  A floating blood-stained dagger.  Heavy.

Any doubt that lingers is quelled by the ringing of the bell.  "I go and it is done."

"Hear it not, Duncan; for it is a knell That summons thee to heaven or to hell."

Act 2, scene 2 -- @KatieMac_

Lady McB worries McB didn’t follow thru in killing Dunc. He returns, haunted by what he has done and worries he will sleep no more. Lady McB tries to calm him, and has to go place the bloody dagger with the servants to frame them since McB is too afraid to return.

Act 2, scene 3 -- @artsinthemedia  

Knocking indeed! A salty porter wakes and drags himself to the door.  MacDuff and Lennox seek the king with tales of an unruly night.

Macbeth pretends to lead them to Duncan... but he and MacDuff 'discover' the corpse.  Murder and treason -- sound the alarm!

Macbeth confesses…then denies it.  Lady Macbeth draws attention, fainting in horror, and is carried out.  The men go to get dressed.

Duncan's sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, panic and fear for their own lives, fleeing to England and Ireland without delay

Act 2, scene 4 -- @lorindaswanrad

Old Man. Gods benison go with you; and with those that would make good of bad, and friends of foes!

Act 3, Scene 1 -- @artsboston

Interesting..Macbeth is now king? Probably just a coincidence #WitchesBeCrazy #WaitingOutTheProphecy

BANQUET TONIGHT! Inviting everyone because we don't want to seem rude! #SecretlyDontWantBanquoToShowUp

Terrified of Banquo, but Macbeth will NOT lose the crown! Perhaps if we off him everything will be alright…

Public Enemy #1=Banquo. Bounty on his head, Dead or Alive. Well, not really alive.

Oh, and his son too #SorryFleance

#BanquosProbablyDead #Awesome

Act 3, scene 2 -- @KatieMac_

With Banquo to return later, Macbeth must hide his anxiety over what he has done. When Lady Macbeth tries to comfort him by saying that Banquo and Fleance can’t live forever, he tells his wife that before the night is done, another bad deed will be committed.

Act 3, scene 3 -- @KatieMac_

Meanwhile, 3 murderers wait outside to attack Banquo and Fleance when they arrive, under 
Macbeth’s orders. They succeed in killing Banquo, but his son escapes.

Act 3, scene 4 -- Brian Dudley (hopefully a twitter convert!)

A feast for Macbeth begins, and news from from the murderers: Banquo’s dead! But his son has escaped, which doesn’t exactly thrill Macbeth.

Banquo's ghost appears, invisible to all but Macbeth. Without a word, he unnerves the new king in front of the entire court.

Lady Macbeth ends to the feast, making feeble excuses for her husband's erratic behavior. They say blood will have blood,” Macbeth laments.

Macbeth fumes; he's learned that Macduff plans to stay away from the court, which is about two steps away from straight-up treason.

Macbeth vows to return to see the witches & affirms that he’s passed the point of no return. He will do anything it takes to keep the throne.

Act 3, Scene 5 -- @Chelseamlewis

The three witches greet their boss Hecate, who is none too pleased with her minions’ extracurricular meetings. #doubledoubletheyreintrouble

Hecate berates the trio of hags for revealing Macbeth’s future without inviting her.  #itslonelyatthetop #management101

She bids them meet her at the pit of Acheron at dawn where Macbeth will be to learn his destiny. #heshouldhavecalledmisscleo

Hecate is confident that Macbeth will be cocky enough to think he can scorn wisdom, grace and fear AND cheat death. #sillyscotsman

Act 3, scene 6 -- @joabanana

Lennox gossips with a fellow Lord about the murders at hand, as a hairdresser would with his client. Lennox #wasn'tbornyesterday.

He knows that Macbeth is guilty. Lord tells Lennox that Macbeth has called out Macduff to return to Scotland and fight. #stepup3:thestreets

Macduff refuses. #talktothehand 

Act 4, scene 1 -- @benhenry

Top 3 Reasons 3 #Witches are ready to do some serious damage: brinded cat; tiny whiny hedge-pig; loudmouth Harpier yelling TIS TIME!!!

Let's Get This Hell-Broth A'Boilin: #poisonedentrails, #filletoffennysnake, #eyeofnewt and #toeoffrog, #addersfork, #tongueofdog

The charm's almost ready, but first: Double, double toil and trouble/Fire burn and cauldron bubble! Now, anyone seen my #baboonsblood?

OMG #macbeth, we know you just want your money's worth, but yur kind of a downer; quit h8ing on the midnight hags. They'll help you, jerk.

1st ghost: beware macduff. beware the thane of fife. macbeth: ok, got it. 2nd ghost: Be violent, bold, & firm. macbeth: awesome; thanks.

2nd ghost, cont'd: yur not gonna be off'd by a child born of woman. Macbeth: totally taking macduff outta the hate pit; luv that guy.

3rd ghost: Be lion-mettled and take no care/Who chafes, who frets, or where conspirers are. Tweeps gotta unite to untie #macbeth's knot.

macbeth: never gonna happen. This king ain't leaving the bldg. Another question: You think Banquo’s sons ever gonna reign in this kingdom?

Witches: Seek to know no more. macbeth: Seriously? Who died and made you #hecate? Witches: Fine. [8 kings process, lastly Ghost of Banquo]

macbeth: Horrible sight! Now I see ’tis true; For the blood-boltered Banquo smiles upon me. Witches: jeez, don't stress it [Witches vanish]

You calling me crazy? Infected be the air whereon they ride! RT @NobleLennox LOL RT @MacBeth Lennox, those #witches with you?

LMFAO ROFL - Time, thou anticipat’st my dread exploits. RT @NobleLennox my boys heard #macduff cut out for england

No kidding: the castle of #macduff I will surprise/and give his wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls the ol' heave-ho. [Exeunt.]

Act 4, scene 2 -- @palmbeachopera

What's the deal with Macduff fleeing his family, titles, and mansion? 

It there method to his madness?  There must be because he is wise.

A messenger arrives with an ominous warning that danger will befall Lady Macduff.

"Whither should I fly?"  Indeed because murderers are after you!

After killing Lady Macduff's son she does flee with the murderers chasing after.

Act 4, scene 3 -- @OPERAAmerica

Outside King Edward’s palace in England, Malcolm & Macduff talk about stuff. 

Malcolm doesn’t really trust Macduff, since he left his family in Scotland. Could he be on Macbeth’s side?!

To test his loyalty, Malcolm punks Macduff by claiming 2 be REALLY immoral. (how was that supposed to work?)

Macduff gets mad at Malcolm and passes the test, yay!

Ross comes down from Scotland, tells Macduff that his wife & kids are doing great. Wait, did I say great? Sorry, I meant killed. By Macbeth.

Malcolm: You know, I really don’t like Macbeth. Macduff: Me either. Ross: Me either. All: let’s go kill the jerk. 

Act V, scene 1: -- Katarina Holmgren (hopefully a twitter convert!)

Zzzzzzzz the doctor and gentlewoman must be getting sleepy!  They have stayed up for two nights and still not seen anything unusual.

With a light, Lady Macbeth ambles in.  As she sleepwalks, her eyes are open but she sees not a thing.  Her hands she begins to wring.

Lady Macbeth’s hands are permanently stained with guilt.  No matter how much she rubs them, the blood will not go away.

“Out, damned spot!  Out, I say!”  Clearly, Lady Macbeth has reached madness this day!

The doctor believes Lady Macbeth needs not him, but influence from the divine.  What will happen to her, will everything turn out fine? 

Act 5, scene 2 -- @fignaz

As the forces from England near Birnam Wood, the thanes march to meet them & wonder whether guilt has finally driven Macbeth mad.

Act 5, scene 3 -- @khemingway

macB goes over all the silly things those sisters told him. a servant comes in and says 10K soldiers — not @angrybirds — approach.

macB is like "what soldiers" and the servant's like "the english army" and then macB is all "dude go away" #denialisnotariverinegypt

macB, in full drama queen mode, calls seyton. he tells macB that the rumors are true and they will be under attack shortly. #itsatrap

macB asks the doctor about his wife, #crazyface. he says she's not sick, just nuts. macB says to cure her. doc says #fatchance.

macB gets up on his soapbox again asking the doc to cure his country of the english. he could use an #itgetsbetter video.

macB asks for his armor and says thx to the doc. the doc's like "wouldn't come back here for a million bucks." #theyexit

Act 5, Scene 4 -- @artsboston

Lock up your daughters. Rumors are there are men in the woods!

I could swear the trees have human legs… #CuriousSitingsInBurnamWood

Hey Macbeth – looks like your reign is almost over! #RallyThePeople

We've given peace a chance…but now it's time for violence! #DownWithMacbeth
Act 5, scene 5 -- @KatieMac_

McB & his soldiers hear a woman’s screams. Learns of wife’s death & doesn’t appear upset. Gets more startled when he learns of an approaching attack in the woods.

Act 5, scene 6 -- @KatieMac_

Malcom, Siward & McD prepare for battle against McB.
Act 5, scene 7 -- @fignaz

Like a bear tied to a stake, Macbeth must fight. He slays Young Siward, mocks such rash valor from "one of woman born" & exits.  
Enter MacDuff intent on revenge. He vows to kill no one but Macbeth. Exits toward the sound of battle & his prey.
Enter Malcom & Old Siward. Dunsinane has fallen & they go to enter the castle.

Act 5, scene 8 -- @opusaffair

Ohai, Macbeth, your buddy MacD wants to kill you. Lucky you've got a charmed life & can't be killed by...wait, how was MacD born? Oh noes...

Oldschool duel time: revenge of Macduff. What's up with Shakespeare taking the fight offstage? No good combat choreographers around? *sigh*

Malcolm comes back, bummed out over all the death. No sign of MacD & MacB. Oh, look, here comes MacD with something in his hands...

What to get a new king for his about the head of his rival? Tres chic. Hail, Malcolm, King of Scotland. Let's party. Fin.

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