Friday, October 28, 2011

Full Speed Ahead

Macbeth rehearsals are moving to the Shubert Theatre! Everyone is busy at work to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle and create our collaborative Macbeth. This morning, I was at the orchestra read with our Maestro, David Angus and our principal cast. Everyone sounds fantastic and the feeling in the air is nothing but excitement for the week that lies ahead …

Loading set pieces in at
the Shubert Theatre
In the performing arts world, we call this “tech week”. Our schedules are packed with on stage rehearsals under lights, adding all of the production elements together: props, costumes, set pieces, and of course, the orchestra. All of the hard work continues as everyone is working together to produce the finished product in time for opening night. Things can get hectic, but in the end it all pays off. It takes a lot of people working very hard behind the scenes to get everything done.

My partner in crime, Courtney Rizzo (your Stage Right ASM), and I will be working to gather information about the show to pass along to the prop and wardrobe departments in order to help them understand the running of the show and which pieces get added and taken away to tell the story. It’s almost like explaining the action of the opera Macbeth to another group of people who haven’t seen what we have during rehearsals. In short, we lay out the details to everyone.

Check back for updates--we’ll be on stage with Wandelprobe tomorrow evening. Wandelprobe is the German word for when the singers “wander” the stage, marking through their staging motions, and sing with the orchestra playing from the pit.

Until then…

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