Thursday, October 13, 2011


Fall is slowly but surely starting in Boston. What I love about this season is this stark change that occurs from summer. Like the weather, we can use this new time of the year to make changes. I know most people talk about making changes or trying new things at the beginning of a new calendar year, but what’s stopping us from doing those right now? Now is the perfect time!

Something I love about my generation is the general openness to new experiences, and the desire for change. But, I haven’t seen that same openness into the arts, mainly, opera. When I tell students outside of the College of Fine Arts at BU that I am training to be an opera singer, they react with surprise, mainly because they don’t know what opera is. It’s not that these students don’t want to experience opera, but they have yet to see a production, and you can’t really know what something is until you have experienced it. The general consensus after seeing a classic opera is clear: it is beautiful music, and simply hard not to enjoy. So, try it! What do you have to lose?

If you have things you want to try or change, you can do them. Try the parts of Boston’s immense culture scene, like seeing an opera, going to Symphony Hall or visiting the MFA. If you make it a goal to experience more of Boston (like me), compile a list of places you want to see, grab your T pass and go. Don’t wait to make these changes or try new things until it’s too late; use each day as your inspiration for change!

--Melanie Burbules, Boston University '14


  1. This article truly sheds light on the struggles faced by many young aspiring opera singers. Melanie is correct when she says that our generation is generally oblivious to the world of opera. It is through people like Melanie that young people can start to see the real beauty of opera and begin to also appreciate it as well. I will personally be going to the Met this weekend and I encourage everyone to go watch a spectacular won't be dissapoined.
    -Natasha Nassar '16

  2. Thanks, Melanie. I was just thinking of finally sitting in on Dr. Jones's seminar.