Monday, November 21, 2011


We’re celebrating 35 seasons of opera by sharing your BLO stories. Your story is unique and makes BLO what it is today.

Here’s one from Noah:
"Macbeth at BLO was the first opera I've ever seen. As a child of the ‘80s, the theater I grew up with had more Schwarzenegger than Soprano; I didn't know Pre-Madonna from Prima Donna.  But opening night at Macbeth changed that for me. My husband and I were captivated by the story and enchanted by the chorus--but most of all we loved Lady Macbeth. She had us from open to close. Even after her death we were both hoping that a new ghost scene might get added to the plot just so she could give an encore."

What’s your BLO story?  Please share it with us below.  Or send it to

In appreciation of sharing your story, all storytellers will receive an invitation to the 2012/2013 Season launch party in spring 2012.

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  1. We were doing Baby Doe and we had to rent a storage trailer to store half of the set. It was January, cold and rainy. Each night we had to walk through a puddle of water to get the set out of the trailer. We named the puddle of water...Lake Cory for one of our crew members. Looking back now we all had a good laugh about it in the end.