Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whistle While You Work, Part 2

Last week we revealed what some of our staff listens to at work. We may work for an opera company, but it's not all opera all the time for us!

Here's another peek inside our work-music habits!

Erik Johnson, Artistic Coordinator:
Britten for contracts, Pärt for budgets, and Handel for everything else.

Joa Stenning, Audience Services Coordinator:
Before I arrive at work, I start my day with the sounds of Nicki Minaj’s “I’m the Best,” which helps me to feel good about myself and feel motivated for the day ahead. Most people get along just fine waking up to the beep of an alarm clock, but I feel much more positive waking up to something loud and dance-able. Once I’m settled in at work and I begin a project, I like to listen to Ingrid Michaelson or Neko Case. Ingrid’s music is light, catchy, and fun to sing along with, which helps me get through the more mundane tasks. Neko’s music is soft, soothing, and soulful, which is much better to listen to when I need all of my focus on the project at hand. I also love listening to Neko’s music because she and I are both cowgirls at heart. I spend my days in an office in bustling downtown Boston, but sometimes I wish I was roaming the prairies like “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” instead.

Sarah Blume, Senior Major Gifts Officer:

Currently have Pandora tuned to Arvo Pärt.  Good work music.  I tuned to Pärt following Boston Ballet’s Bella Figura, which I loved, last season which used music by Pärt.  I thought it was the first time I’d heard Pärt, not realizing that I’d heard his music at Providence Waterfire one year and was so struck by Tabula Rasa that my mother-in-law hunted down the CD for me.   

The Pärt station occasionally plays the Henryk Górecki Symphony No. 3 – which I love.  It just makes you want to weep .... 

Julie House, Education & Community Programs Manager:
Cello concertos and almost always one of the big three: Dvorak, Shostakovich or Elgar. I like them because I know them well enough that they can make nice background music, but if I really need to be inspired by something I can just turn up the volume. Sometimes I need something totally different and the last time that happened I turned on Jeff Bridges’ new country album. It’s excellent.

Cassidy Fitzpatrick, Development & Artistic Associate:
It’s a range, sometimes Usher, or other loud dance music when I’m particularly stressed. Mostly I find I just get fixated on one song, be it rock, pop, hip hop, folk or otherwise, and listen to it on repeat for an entire day, seems to soothe the nerves and helps me to block out everything so I can get stuff done.

Karen Robichaud, Design & New Media Manager:
I really enjoy having something in the background to even out the general 'white noise' of working in an open office; be it music (pop, musicals, movie soundtracks) or radio programs. I find the news weirdly soothing, even though I don't actually listen to the stories. Some of my projects are so involved that focused concentration is the only way to complete them, and listening to something helps me concentrate.

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