Friday, May 4, 2012

In Paris... Front-of-house glamour, behind-the-scenes mystery

Grand foyer at the Palais Garnier.
Opéra national de Paris/ Delagarde/Moatti.
From The Wall Street Journal today, a quite fascinating glimpse backstage at one of the ultimate expressions of front-of-opera-house glamor and behind-the-scenes hidden mysteries and technical wonders... and some very enticing photographs. Read the full article by Lennox Morrison.

I'm thinking of posting on this blog (probably starting sometime this summer) a series of (mainly photographic) "visits" to various unique opera houses (startlingly new and richly old) around the world, so maybe this entry acts as a good introduction and beginning. Boston, of course, has its own quite distinguished operatic venues (the ones we've left standing)... the Opera House with its almost Parisian take on the extravagant  glories and delirious excesses associated with opera at it's grandest and our own more intimate Schubert Theater... granted somewhat more restrained and classically chaste in its approach, but still  deliciously elegant with its smooth manipulation of the white and gold, red velvet and cut crystal traditions of the operatic interior.

- John Conklin, BLO Artistic Advisor

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