Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dr. von Lyric's "Curious and Amazing Cabinet of Musical Marvels and Miracles"

"Sometimes as I stroll down the brilliant, crowded, sometime gaudy streets of Internetcity , I turn into a side street... quiet, almost deserted. I hear from a widow above me a distant voice...
or a scrap of music...

or I pass a boarded- up theater ....torn posters flapping in the wind ....if I listen closely I can almost hear the fabulous echo of a long gone era within.

Sometimes I see the flickering of some old movie images projected on a crumbling wall...

... and so, sunk in the wonders and mysteries of the past, I look and listen and think how time and art can fold in on themselves. For more I further direct your attention to an interesting article about the legendary Anna Pavlova with some more evocative video clips. Journey on!" - Dr von Lyric

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