Friday, April 26, 2013


It is often stated that Wagner and Napoleon are the most written about figures from the 19th century, and there is certainly much to search out (informative, satiric, vituperative, inspiring,  amusing, off-kilter) about the "magician of Bayreuth" and his operas.
Here to start things off (in a slightly  irreverent vein)  is a piece by Paul Hindemith. The title pretty much says it all :  "The Overture to THE FLYING DUTCHMAN as played by sight  by a SPA orchestra at the village well at seven o'clock in the morning "


For a  slightly less Germanic sense of humor you might also check out the delightful Faure/ Messager piece for two pianos: "Souvenirs de Bayreuth - Quadrille on themes from the Ring."

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