Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lizzie B: Factoid 2


  Fine Dining  with the Bordens (decline at your peril)

   For breakfast that fatal August morning  , the family had the remains of their  last night's dinner  mutton, hot mutton broth, bananas, johnnycake, bread, coffee, and cookies. The temperature outside was already 80 degrees by 7:30. All the windows were (as usual) tightly shut and locked. An  incipient taint  of corruption  (both metaphorical and literal) seems to  hangs heavy in the humid air . At the turn of the century  such a meal was considered  perhaps  "ample" but not particularly  unusual. To our sensibilities (and stomachs) it seems remarkable enough in itself but has been made immortal by the events of The Day - a kind of "gastronomical catalyst for whatever strange passionate killings were soon to take place."  

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