Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Students Share their Reactions to Rigoletto

Every season Boston Lyric Opera invites high school and college students to view the final dress rehearsals of Shubert stage productions free of charge. The dress rehearsal program gives many students the chance to experience opera for the first time, as well as cultivate their appreciation of opera throughout their educational careers. In exchange for dress rehearsal passes, BLO asks students for their feedback on the performance. Students had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to Boston Lyric Opera’s most recent production of Verdi’s gripping drama, Rigoletto. Here is what they had to say:

“Every year this is one of the things that I am most excited about in Italian class.”
–Medford High School student

“The Boston Lyric Opera’s performance of the opera Rigoletto was sublime.”
–Whitman Middle School student

“In past years I went to see The Barber of Seville and Macbeth for similar trips. I can honestly say that Rigoletto was my favorite opera I’ve seen so far… I was surprised by how much I understood of the opera without the English translation.”
–Medford High School student

“The costumes were great, the set was amazing, the orchestra was on point, and the singing was moving. Thank you for a great performance to brighten up my week!”
– Medford High School student

“The music and singing gave me goosebumps.”
-Whitman Middle School student

“From start to finish, the opera’s protagonist, Rigoletto, carried the production with captivating power and expression of voice, gesture, and passion.”
–Medford High School student

“I can truthfully say, that this trip to the opera, was perfect.”
–Whitman Middle School student

We would like to thank all the teachers who have brought their students to the opera and students for their insightful responses. We hope to see you again at future BLO educational events.  To learn more about opportunities to introduce young people to opera and educational resources, visit

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