Friday, September 19, 2014

BLO Celebrates National Arts Education Week!

BLO celebrates National Arts Education Week and applauds our

BLO Music! Words! Opera! teachers!

During the week of August 11th-15th, 2014, Boston Lyric Opera’s Community Engagement Department hosted a teacher training workshop at The School of Fine Arts at Boston University using OPERA America’s Music! Words! Opera! curriculum. Eleven educators from various disciplines who teach in Boston and the surrounding area participated in this workshop, led by opera and musical veterans Clifford Brooks and Neil Ginsberg. The week featured theatre games, musical training, and curriculum ideas, and culminated in the teachers presenting an original opera of their own creation, Voyages, a tale of prominent immigrants throughout Boston’s history.

What did our teachers have to say? 

“I loved all the ideas and materials I received and ways that I can apply them in my own classroom.” 

“I am thankful I have been given this opportunity to enhance my teaching and focus more on creativity and music.” 

“I am totally energized by this workshop! I know because  as I waited for my train this morning, with about 30+ people standing around silently, relating to their cell phones, I had an almost uncontrollable urge to burst into song! Thanks!”

Many teachers and schools will be partnering with Boston Lyric Opera this school year, whether they are attending final dress rehearsals with their students, having a BLO Teaching Artist visit their school, or creating an original opera with their students.

If you’d like to learn about ways to bring opera to your children or classroom, visit or contact the Community Engagement Department at   

By Paige Revens, BLO Community Engagement Intern

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