Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's YOUR BLO #2

We’re celebrating 35 seasons of opera by sharing your BLO stories. Your story is unique and makes BLO what it is today. 

Here’s one from Yuen:
The first BLO performance I attended was Verdi's Rigoletto in October 1994 when I was 21 (yes, I still have the program book)! I saw my first opera 2 years earlier in London's Royal Opera House when I was doing a junior year abroad. 

Although I don't remember any particular divas or divos in that performance, I cried at the end when Gilda died and Rigoletto was calling out her name. The cast, the director, the conductor--they all must have done something right to achieve this.

Now, almost 20 years later and having seen over 130+ opera productions, I can count with one hand the number of performances that were so moving they made me cry. And among the few, the 1994 BLO's Rigoletto was one of them.

What’s your BLO story? Please share it with us below. Or send it to

In appreciation of sharing your story, all storytellers will receive an invitation to the 2012/2013 Season launch party in spring 2012.

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