Friday, June 17, 2016

Why do we believe in BLO?

A message from BLO staff...

"I believe in BLO because it makes opera accessible to diverse audiences" - Robin Whitney, Individual Giving Manager

I believe in BLO because opera is the ultimate multi-art and the best way to tell stories. Opera is real people working together: talented artists performing highly emotional vocal and instrumental music, storytelling through poetry, acting, and dancing; then brought to life in front of our eyes with the magic of lighting, film projections, set-design, and hand-crafted costumes.  While opera struggles with the false stigma of being a stale, esoteric art, no one better than the BPS students in BLO’s Create Your Own Opera Partnership program can attest to the fact that indeed opera is about telling stories of all kinds, and it is for everyone—because who doesn’t love a great story!” –Rebecca Ann S. Kirk, Manager of Education Programs

"As a voice student I already had a passion for opera, but was unsure of my career path as a professional singer.  My senior year, I happened upon an internship at BLO, where I got my first taste working behind the scenes as an arts administrator.  This experience completely changed my life, and opened up a whole new world of career possibilities.  After 5 years of working in this field, I was delighted to have the opportunity to return to BLO.  I believe in BLO because I see firsthand everyday how dedicated our staff and artists are to making opera thrive as an art form in Boston."  - Erin Coffey, Associate Director of Major Gifts

 "I am continually amazed at how passionate and dedicated BLO’s patrons are both to the genre and Boston’s arts community.  From longtime subscribers to students who buy rush tickets to our volunteers in the office and onstage, everyday I am inspired by BLO’s patrons’ commitment to BLO’s mission and success." – Andrew J. Moreau, Operations Manager & Systems Administrator

"Opera encompasses everything I love about art – theatre, music, dance, design, culture, history. It is the ultimate expression of performance. Growing up, I would visit my Dad in New Mexico. We could never afford the tickets to Santa Fe Opera, but would park close enough to hear the music as it rose out of the amphitheater. Since then, I was hooked. I believe in BLO because I believe in opera." Julia Propp, Director of Operations, External Relations

"I believe in BLO because we’re not afraid to try new things and shake up the status quo." –Rebecca Kittredge, Audience Services Coordinator

Our team believes in BLO...

Will you stand with us and say, “I believe in BLO” by making a gift this year? Your fully tax-deductible donation to BLO’s Annual Fund before June 30, 2016 will make it possible for opera to remain an engaging, emerging, and educating force in our city.

Call Robin Whitney at 617.542.4912 x254 or click here to participate.

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